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Engagement tips #1

Hooray! We have made it through the cold winter! 
The trees are blossoming and everyone has started to emerge from their hibernation to go out and enjoy the sunshine. It is also the perfect weather for engagement sessions. For the next couple of weeks I am going to give you some great advice to make your photographs look the best they can be.  
Tip 1. Don’t be afraid to have a theme. 
Take this opportunity to show off who you are and what you like to do as a couple. It can be as simple as clothing that represents you and your lifestyle – casual, classic, bohemian, or formal. 
The theme can also involve a location that is special to you both.  For example: showing your love for wine at a local winery. Or that you both are avid Phillies fans with a baseball themed session.  Nothing is too silly or cheesy!   

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